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PillReady Automated Medication Dispenser

Medication management is a growing problem for seniors and at-risk individuals in the United States. The PillReady
provides an affordable, easy to use medication management system with seniors in mind.

Clients using our medication dispensers are on average 90% compliant to their doctor’s prescription regimen.
Our systems work because they are easy-to-use and make remembering to take medications a breeze. Trays
are pre-loaded by the caregiver or medical professional and set up to remind the client to take their medication.
When the time comes for them to take their next dose a buzzer will sound, the light will flash and the dose will
rotate into position.

Our medication dispensers are monitored via the internet. They easily connect to a router via WiFi
and notify the Care Center if a medication dose is not taken within an allotted amount of time. When the Care Center
receives notification of a missed dose they will try to contact either the client or a pre-designated medical responder
for the client to remind them to take their medication.

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